Canwest Aerospace is a Transport Canada approved AMO (Approved Maintenance Organization) and provides wide range of capabilities for all fixed wing owners and operators. Regardless of whether you fly commercially or privately, our Staff are fully trained and dedicated to providing you with the best quality maintenance.

Fixedwing Maintenance Hangar

In the summer months we run both a day and afternoon shift to provide as much flexibility possible during the best flying weather of the year. Whether your one of our many flight training customers or a busy private pilot, You can take advantage of our added flexibility and longer hours to provide you with a unparalleled experience.

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional maintenance practices, and an A-Z turn key operation with our in house dedicated avionics, structures, components and paint departments. All The aircraft that come in will get the best possible care, and attention, to a level of detail that the most scrutinizing owner would respect. Our personnel have wide ranging experience in not only the maintenance and repair of certified aircraft, but the fabrication/construction/prototyping of Amateur Built aircraft as well.

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Our range of capabilities includes most popular makes such as Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Diamond, (includes both single engine and twin variants of all lines) as well as a wide range of other makes and models. Canwest Aerospace carries an extensive inventory of fixed wing parts to cover any and all maintenance requirements weather you operate a fleet or a single plane, WE GOT YOU COVERED!

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