Sheet Metal & Composite Structural Repair

CanWest provides comprehensive sheet-metal and composite structural repair services to both the helicopter and fixed wing industries. Services are available at our Langley, British Columbia, Canada facility and/or the customer’s location, anywhere in the world.


With years of hands-on technical experience, our highly qualified team provides repair services on a wide range of helicopter/aircraft types and models. Experience and services range from, but are not limited to, basic work-scopes concerning both civilian heavy structural and/or military depo-level airframe inspection – including attendant comprehensive repairs to airframe sheet metal/composite structural components; incorporation of STC’s; design and prototyping capability, and structural support required by the CanWest avionics department carrying out full airframe re-wire’s/modifications to customer specifications.

CanWest is fully capable of and approved to carry out military work as per our Canadian Controlled Goods Program.

The company is experienced in the repair of a number of different airframes as per, but not limited to the following examples:

  • Sikorsky S61L/N – comprehensive experience in the repair of all manner of doors, window assemblies, engine platforms, transmission platforms, engine and transmission cowls, sponsons, fuselage/hull, firewalls, STA 243 and 290 frames major repair and replacement, stabilizer, all fairings and covers and very significant experience in the repair, full overhaul and AD/9000 Hr inspections and Overhauls to the tail-rotor pylon assembly. CanWest has a dedicated precision tail-rotor pylon fixture for this component.
  • Sikorsky S-76 series full structural repair capability.
  • Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk series structural repair capability.
  • Bell Medium B204/205/212/214B/214ST/all Huey variants series structural repair capability.
  • Bell B206 series structural repair capability.
  • Airbus AS 350/355 Astar/Twinstar series repair capability.
  • Aerospatiale Alouette/Llama series repair capability.
  • Cessna 100/200 and later series structural repair capability.
  • Piper PA 28 series, PA 34 series and other Piper product series structural repair capability.
  • Beechcraft 33/35/36/58 and 76 Duchess etc., series structural repair capability.
  • Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing – full Maverick, Rebel, Super Rebel and Moose series including full Murphy floats product line.


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